Study area

zone détude2The BACCHUS experimental site is located in Gironde in the South-West of France. It extends in the eastern part of Bordeaux, from the commune of Pomerol in the north to Saint-Martial in the south. It mainly covers the appellations of Libourne and Entre-Deux-Mers over an area of approximately 910 km².

This territory was chosen because it makes it possible to sample very varied production contexts, both in terms of vine management methods and wine-growing landscapes, ranging from "simple" landscapes to much more heterogeneous landscapes. Indeed, this small territory includes both cultivated agrosystems - mainly wine-growing - and non-cultivated agrosystems (forests, meadows) in varying proportions depending on the municipalities covered by the network.

The current monitoring system consists of 40 vineyard plots under real production conditions and distributed in various vineyard landscapes selected in the territory of the eeprimental site.